About Us

Sarvdrishti Eye Hospital Pvt Ltd is a Bihar based chain of Super speciality eye hospitals serving in three cities of Bihar. It was established in 2018 with the mission of providing ( Affordable & Excellent Eye
Care ) to the whole population of Bihar.

Sarvdrishti Eye Hospitals is managed by a team of eye experts from the prestigious All India of Medical Sciences (AIIMS, New Delhi). This group offers expert ophthalmic care for all ocular Sub-specialties. It provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and surgical services through cutting edge technology. Our approach to management of eye diseases is scientific & evidence based.

Sarvdrishti Eye Hospital is equipped with the latest technology available for vitreo retinal diagnosis and management. Latest surgical procedures for the management of glaucoma are available here. Most of the latest intraocular lenses implantation for less spectacle dependence in the form of trifocals , EDOP lenses, etc. are available here. Round the clock emergency services are available for trauma patients

Services Provided By Hospital

  • Cataract surgery by Phaco emulsification
  • Yag laser for Capsulotomy and Peripheral Iridectomy
  • Retinal Angiography (zeiss).
  • 532nm laser for Retinal disorders
  • Squint Surgery
  • Trabeculectomy surgery for glaucoma
  • Ocular Trauma unit
  • HVF
  • YAG PI
  • Trabeculectomy surgery for glaucoma
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology service
  • OCT (Retina/Glaucoma/Cornea/Triple Module (TOPCON)
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery(constellation, Alcon)
  • Humphrey Visual Field with Glaucoma Progression Analysis
  • Occulo-Plasty surgery including Ptosis correction V-Y Pasty Blepharo Plasty, Skin Transplant for scar correction, Tumor Excision with reconstruction, Dermal fat graft.

The Most Qualified Skillful &
Professional Doctors